Saks Fifth Avenue Will See New Moxy Hotel in Pittsburgh

Saks Fifth Avenue Will See New Moxy Hotel in Pittsburgh

The former Saks Fifth Avenue site is about to see new development to continue to increase the accessibility for out-of-towners. The new Moxy hotel is scheduled to begin in the redevelopment project’s second phase and is a part of a major investment. The high-end hotel will feature affordable room prices that are sure to attract customers to Pittsburgh.

Moxy is a division of the luxury Marriott chain. Pittsburgh will mark the brand’s entry into the region. The hotel brand originally made its debut in 2014 and has since grown to have more than a dozen locations around the world. Other American cities that Moxy calls home are New York City, New Orleans, and Nashville.

Attractive modern designs and affordable room prices are two of the main factors that pushed Millcraft Investments to choose Moxy Hotels. The 174-room hotel will fit well with the other portion of the project.

“This unique hotel flag is focused on affordable luxury in the core of the city with local boutique feel,” said Lucas Piatt, president and CEO, Millcraft Investments. “Edgy designed common areas and rooms, a fun, active lobby, smaller room sizes, it is part of Marriott and its top-notch reservation system.”

The project also includes a 582-space parking garage with 56 loft apartments located above. Moxy also teamed up with IKEA to target millennial travelers.

We at Wright Hyundai can’t wait to see the new Moxy hotel liven up the former Saks Fifth Avenue site!

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