Why Summer Tires are Important

Why Summer Tires are Important

Dealerships and tire manufacturers have a tendency to advertise different tires depending on the season. There may not seem like there are major differences between summer and winter tires. After all, tires are tires, right? Well, not exactly. We at Wright Hyundai want to explain why summer tires are important.

Summer tires are made from a different compound than all-season and winter tires. While winter tires are designed to remain soft in cold weather, summer tires are designed to provide optimized grip on hot roads.

In summer, winter tires can take longer to grip the pavement and bring the car to a complete stop. Summer tires also offer sharper, more responsive handling that’s perfect for taking turns on hot pavement.

Similar to wearing boots in winter and shoes in summer, drivers can experience a multitude of benefits when switching from winter to summer tires when the weather gets warmer. Boots might provide better grip on cold, slippery pavement, but they’re incredibly impractical once summer rolls around. The same goes for tires.

Even when compared to all-season tires, summer tires offer more responsive handling, better fuel economy, quicker stopping, and much more. While it may be enticing to leave one set of tires on your car all year long, season-specific tires can make a major difference.

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