Hyundai Aims to Make Affordable Self-Driving Cars

Hyundai Aims to Make Affordable Self-Driving Cars

Affordable Self-driving Cars

Whenever a new technology debuts on the market, it’s inevitably expensive. That’s why affordable self-driving carsbig auto manufacturers like Ford and General Motors are investing money in the ride-hailing services market when it comes to new autonomous driving technology; self-driving vehicles will just be too expensive to sell on their own. However, Hyundai is taking a different approach by aiming to make more affordable self-driving cars.


It’s a long-distance dream, but Hyundai plans to achieve this goal through one significant method – using less computing power. Most autonomous vehicles use a single LIDAR sensor on top of the car that spins for a 360-degree view. However, Hyundai’s self-driving vehicles use three smaller sensors. One of these sits on top of the car and gets a 130-degree view. while the two sensors on the side get a 110-degree perspective. These three sensors combine their angles to get an all-around view of the car. This reduces the amount of power needed for the onboard computer.

The only downside to these more affordable self-driving cars is that they won’t come from map systems built into the vehicle. so you will have to drive until your car gets to know the local roads. But, it’s a starting point for autonomous vehicles that people can actually own. Instead of using through ride-hailing services and other commercial endeavors.

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