Free Indoor Activities in Pittsburgh

Free Indoor Activities in Pittsburgh

Indoor activities

Looking for something to do? Here’s just a sampling of the free indoor activities Pittsburgh has to offer. The city is packed with so many fun things you won’t have to worry about cabin fever.

  • Fort Pitt Block House: The oldest surviving building in Pittsburgh is free to the public year-round, telling the story of the French & Indian War and the American Revolution.
  • Frick Art & Historical Center: The Frick Art, Car, and Carriage Museum and the grounds surrounding it are free to the public. There’s also an on-site house available for paid tours.
  • McDonald’s Big Mac Museum Restaurant: This odd theme for a museum but the combination McDonald’s-and-museum features lots of historical info.
  • Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum: This attraction is only free if you serve, have served, or have a family member in the military. It honors and educates the history of war and the soldiers who sacrificed themselves for a cause.
  • Society for Contemporary Craft: Free-to-the-public, hands-on arts and crafts activities are available here, which also regularly presents contemporary art exhibitions.

If the winter cold is starting to get to you, Pittsburgh has tons of free indoor activities to do.

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