How to Pick the Best Christmas Tree

How to Pick the Best Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree…

Christmas is almost here, which means many families are heading out to pick out the perfect tree to sit in the living room. Whether you’re new to buying a live tree or are taking a break from the fake ones, picking out the right tree is more complicated than it seems. Here are a few things to look out for so you can pick the best Christmas tree this year!

  • Height – One of the most important yet forgotten aspects of getting a live tree is height. A tree that’s too tall could hit the ceiling and damage the paint. If you already have a tree stand you plan to use, measure that as well. Aim for a tree that comes in about one foot short of the ceiling for good measure.
  • Fresh Test – In order to tell if a tree is fresh, perform a fresh test by giving it a good shake. If the tree is fresh, few needles will fall. Abundant falling needles indicate a tree that isn’t fresh and will leave you with a mess to clean up.
  • Base – The base of the tree is just as important as the height and freshness. Aim for a tree base that’s straight and about half-a-foot long. A tree that meets both requirements will easily fit into most tree stands.

Happy holidays from all of us here at Wright Hyundai!

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