How to Protect Your Vehicle from Salt Damage

How to Protect Your Vehicle from Salt Damage

How Prevent Salt Damage

As we move through the fall season and the winter months get closer and closer, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to prepare your vehicle to withstand the inevitable barrage of salt when the snow comes. Here is how you can protect your vehicle from salt damage.


Wash Early

The best thing that you can do is to start the protection early by washing your car thoroughly toward the end of fall. It’s important that you protect the undercarriage as well, as salt damages fuel and brake lines. If those corrode, you’re in trouble.

Once you finish washing your vehicle, apply a coat of wax to protect your car from the salt that will eventually cover your car.


Keep a Schedule

Washing your car once at the end of fall simply isn’t enough to protect your car from damage. Ideally, you will wash your car once a month when the weather has been particularly bad. By keeping a regular schedule, you’re continually getting rid of the undesirable salt.

If you’re washing in the cold months, dry your car off completely so that your doors, hood, and trunk don’t freeze shut.


By following these simple tips, your car will have a longer life.

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