Hyundai Accent Boasts the Lowest Recall Rate

Hyundai Accent Boasts the Lowest Recall Rate

When you bring your Hyundai in for vehicle maintenance at Wright Hyundai, we will always check to ensure your vehicle has no open recalls. If it does, we will fix it right away. However, it is very unlikely that you’ll find an open recall for your Hyundai vehicle due to reliable engineering, especially if that Hyundai is an Accent, which was officially just named the vehicle with the lowest recall rate.

lowest recall rate

The title comes from iSeeCars, which examined National Highway Traffic Safety data on recall campaigns each year and combined that with data from Consumer Reports’ Used Car Reliability Ratings.

Though the Chevrolet Equinox and Toyota Corolla held their own (earning average ratings of 0.11 and 0.12 recalls per 100,000 models sold), the Hyundai Accent could not be beat. It averaged a recall rate of just 0.10 recalls per 100,000 Accents sold. The vehicle with the highest rating—a high-priced luxury vehicle, no less—saw an average of 5.77 recalls per 100,000 units sold; that’s 58 times more than the Accent.

“A recall means hours of lost time on top of potential safety issues,” remarked Phong Ly, the CEO of iSeeCars. “At the very least, it involves an appointment, a trip to the dealership, and waiting around while the repairs are being made or dealing with a loaner car if the dealership is even prepared to make the fix. Owners of cars with repeated recalls are faced with this hassle many times over.”

You can test-drive the car with the lowest recall rate at Wright Hyundai.

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