Hyundai Continues Role as Official Sponsor of the NFL

Hyundai Continues Role as Official Sponsor of the NFL

Official Sponsor of the NFL

As if being one of the most popular car brands on the market today wasn’t enough, Hyundai has gained even more popularity as the official sponsor of the NFL, one of the most notable sports leagues in the entire world. Here is how it has gone for the brand so far.

General Motors previously held the spot as the NFL’s automotive sponsor, but it was replaced last year by Hyundai on a four-year deal, and the change has seen excellent results. Although just over a year into the partnership, a majority of people in a survey of NFL fans were able to correctly identify Hyundai as the automotive sponsor of the NFL.

Hyundai was able to do this by tackling the field head on. Immediately after signing on with the NFL, Hyundai hosted the Kickoff to 50 event in New England (Super Bowl Champions). As well as in San Francisco (home of Super Bowl 50).

This festival, combined with football focused ads promoting its new vehicles, caused fans to forget about General Motors pretty quickly.

There’s a new sponsor in town, and Hyundai is fully embracing its role as a league favorite. Maybe someday they’ll be able to earn the respect and loyalty shown by our hometown Pittsburgh Steelers fans.

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