Our Favorite Driving Apps that All Drivers Will Love

Our Favorite Driving Apps that All Drivers Will Love

In most areas of our lives, smartphone apps have made a lot of things much more convenient, including in our cars. We depend on apps for everything from navigation to staying entertained while on the road. If you’re new to driving apps, or if you’re just looking for some good recommendations, here are out favorite driving apps here at Wright Hyundai.

Driving Apps - Wright Hyundai - Baden, PA

 myCARFAX Car Maintenance

This free app is a great way to organize and keep track of a wide variety of information about your car, including past and future maintenance, mileage, and more. If you tend to forget when you last changed your oil, this free app is a simple way to stay on top of your car maintenance, while it also offers more advanced features that plenty of drivers will love.


 Not only is GasBuddy entirely free to download, it also saves you money by keeping track of local gas prices so you can always find the best bargain at the pump. It doesn’t matter if you’re down the street or across the country; this app will save you money in gas, which, to us, makes it a must-have.


 This parking app is designed to help you avoid parking tickets by keeping track of local metering times, street cleaning schedules, and more. It also remembers where you last parked, which makes it an especially useful app for anyone who has ever spent time trying to locate their parked car.

Hopefully, you can use these useful phone apps to enhance your drive – just don’t use them while you drive!

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