Coolest New Car Gadgets That Every Driver Will Love

Coolest New Car Gadgets That Every Driver Will Love

If your daily commute is starting to feel like a drag, maybe it’s time to upgrade your car with some new gear. Here are some of the coolest new car gadgets that drivers are sure to love, and, if you’re ready for the ultimate upgrade, be sure to visit us at Wright Hyundai today to get behind the wheel of your dream car.

coolest new car gadgets - Wright Hyundai - Wexford, PA

Radmo smart device mount

There are more awesome driving apps now than ever before. From music to navigation and everything in between, our smartphones are important for any drive. It’s dangerous to look down at your phone while driving, though, so devices like the Radmo smartphone device mount are incredibly useful. This one particularly is adjustable and can even accommodate a small tablet or two smartphones at once.

Exploride Head-Up Display

If you want to integrate your phone into your driving experience while keeping things high-tech, check out the Exploride head-up display. This great HUD projects your smartphone interface right onto your windshield so you can enjoy your phones features without ever taking your eyes off the road.


If you have ever wished that there was a better way to say thanks to a kind fellow-motorist, you’re in luck. The MotorMood smiley decal mounts on your rear windshield and illuminates at the push of a button so you can say “thank you” to a kind driver who lets you over.

The holidays may have passed, but the season of cool car gadgets is year-round.

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