The Coolest Car Gadgets for a Tech Savvy New Year

The Coolest Car Gadgets for a Tech Savvy New Year

If you’re looking for a way to add some fun back into driving, we’ve got you covered here at Wright Hyundai. Treat yourself to something new this year by checking out some of the coolest car gadgets you can pick up to enhance your daily driving experience.

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IHUD Windshield Projector

 If you depend on your smartphone every day to stay connected to the world around you, the iHUD heads-up display is a must-have. This innovative technology projects your smartphone screen directly onto your windshield so you can keep in touch without having to take your eyes off the road.

 Bluetooth Casette Adapter

 If your vehicle has a cassette player, there is a good chance it lacks Bluetooth capability. There is also a good chance you don’t actually listen to cassettes in your car anymore. This great gadget lets you make use of that cassette player by adapting it into a Bluetooth receiver so you can finally listen to music from your smartphone without the annoying cables crowding up your center console.

 Handpresso 12V Coffee Maker

For those who insist on their coffee being as fresh as possible, and those who just don’t have the time to brew a cup before they head out the door, the Handpresso coffee maker is a perfect piece of tech to add to your car. It conveniently plugs into your cars 12V outlet and fits right into your cupholder.

If you didn’t get the cool car gadgets you were hoping for this Christmas, check out these awesome gizmos and get ready to add new convenience to your daily drive.

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