Car-Themed Halloween Costumes

Car-Themed Halloween Costumes

If you’re in need of a little costume inspiration this year, look no further. At Wright Hyundai we like to combine our love of cars with our love of costume parties. This list of car-related Halloween costumes will have everyone impressed.


Driver’s License

If you’re on a budget, this DIY costume is the perfect choice. All you need is some cardboard, some paint, and a little artistic creativity. Paint a basic license template on the cardboard and cut a hole for your head where your photo would normally be.


Road Sign

Another simple DIY costume, the road sign is a chance for you to get creative. Be a traditional “Stop” sign, make a “Party Crossing” sign, or even a ghost deer crossing sign.


Race Car Driver

If you have a little time to shop around, a race car driver costume can be a fun one to put together. There are plenty of color and pattern options, and you can find most of what you need at thrift stores. Add a checkered flag or a steering wheel, and your costume is complete.


A Car

Obvious? Yes. Boring? Not at all! This crafty costume will take a little more effort, but gives you tons of options. You could be a school bus, a convertible, or an iconic option like the Batmobile. Now is your chance to drive your dream car up to your friend’s Halloween party and cruise in it all night long.

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