How to Survive the Carpool to School

How to Survive the Carpool to School

A great way to save your family some driving is by joining a carpool. That way, you can take turns driving kids to and from school. But, before you make your arrangements, here are a few tips on how to survive the carpool.

Check insurance

If you are going to be driving someone else’s children, you want to make sure you have adequate car insurance. In most cases, just liability insurance won’t be enough. Call your insurance company to see what you need.


Same school/activities

Set up your carpool with families who attend the same school or go to the same activities as your kids.


Plan ahead for problem children

Nobody likes unruly kids in the car. Set up a rule in your carpool that after three problem incidents, a child will be dropped from the carpool.

Only parents drive

Make sure teenagers are not the assigned drivers.


No errands

Have a carpool rule that parents are not allowed to run errands during the carpool. Kids need to go straight home.


Share emergency information

Share emergency medical release forms so in the event of an accident, any hurt children can receive care as soon as possible.


We at Wright Hyundai hope you have a great start to your school year. If you need a new car for your carpool, come pay us a visit.

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